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Eloise Charleson Naturopath
136 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco 6008
08 93811468
Telehealth and In-clinic available

You will receive evidence-based, cutting-edge natural health care for children. Eloise has a special interest in Gut health, microbiome, learning challenges and poor immunity. Our clients are loving the convenience and care they are receiving.


Nutrition for Kids

A thorough assessment of your child's health will pinpoint the key factors in finding better health. A plan that is both effective and achievable will be designed for your child. I will take into consideration diet, lifestyle, medical history and genetics when creating this plan.

As a Mum of three I know plenty of practical tips to improve your child's diet and to get them to take their natural medicines. I have also seen first hand the speed at which children are able to recover their vitality and zest for life. Any nutritional supplements recommended will be appropriate to the age of your child and easy to take.

Healthy gut

You will come away with ways to keep your child's gut healthy and boost their immune system as well as a specific plan for their health concern.


I can help with children's behaviour issues, learning difficulties, fussy eaters as well as eczema and frequent infections.

Every child deserves to have optimal health so as to reach their potential!

Eloise Charleson Naturopath and Medical Herbalist B.H.Sc(Nat), B.A. MNHAA

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